I am a musician and I like to to do things outside. "My friend, we are of the same carbons"- Gregory P. Eatsman

18th April 2012

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A sample from the new album, Sleep Deprivation

18th April 2012

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The Final Song on Sleep Deprivation

Is finally finished. Its strange and metaphoric for an album ending in insanity just to be an anachronism from a year ago. I want to smoke 100 cigarettes and fall into restlessness. “My friends, my demons are your demons”

16th April 2012

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All My Veins and Arteries

are starting to poke out of me

like some sort of metal tree

is replacing my blood.

14th March 2012

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This is a song I made today called An Amoeba Shaped Scar. It is slightly about a woman and slightly about self-destruction. It’s even more slightly about what you want it to be about. Please enjoy.

12th March 2012


The Kingdom of Spain is ephemeral, for soon we will have a kingdom of dinosaurs!!!
— Franklin Granger discussing the effects of taking hallucinogens

4th March 2012


I’m making a tape for only one person

An Evening Without Belo Horizante

27th February 2012


It is truly a mortal world

This morning a demon of mine died of unknown illness. She was someone i grew up with and honestly have no good memories, but today she has taught me post-mortem more than many of my closest friends afford me over our entire relationship. It is truly a mortal world. I do not feel like making music. I don’t really feel like doing anything.

27th February 2012



Hello Friends. I have recently had the fortune of purchasing a 4-track tape recorder and am planning on releasing several very limited copies (like 10) of each and am not planning on releasing digitally. If you are interested in a tape it would really be a pleasure to give them to those that will listen, so please contact me. Tonight I will begin “An Evening Without Belo Horizonte”.

13th February 2012


This is the most incredible cover ever done of a singer songwriter song. Ever.

12th February 2012


I feel like telling people about my new music

But i seriously think i don’t want to show it to anyone ever. Also G.I. Joe sucks dick